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Wedding Day Keepsakes Box

Our wedding day keppsake box makes a wonderful gift and will be remembered and enjoyed for many years after the wedding day as it captures the romance from the engagement to the wedding day and honeymoon.

The musuem archival qualities of the wedding day box will protect and preserve albums, mementos, dvd’s photographs, keepsakes, invitations, special cards and many special items that otherwise may be lost.  

The box also contains various museum archive quality sheets to record details of how the couple met, honeymoon diary sheets, guest lists,family history sheets and notes to record special memories of the biggest day of their lives in great detail and preserve their own history.


This pack contains 5 Acid Free * Storage Boxes and much more.

  • Outer box, 450x325x90mm  (Fits A3-size papers. You could your wedding scrapbook or a photo album.)

  • Flip-top box, 315x220x85mm (A4 size box perfect for congratulations cards, certificates, invitations, special cards and collectables.)

  • Medium box, 290x205x85mm (For mementoes, keepsakes, cards, home-shot DVDs and so on.)

  • Tall box, 165x125x127mm (The right size for standard photographs, tapes and other easily-mislaid items.)

  • Little boxes, (2) 60x50x23mm (To prevent small items getting lost and forgotten.)

  • Archive tissue paper

  • Document folder containing:

    • How it all began

    • The Wedding Day

    • Wedding Certificate

    • Honeymoon / Anniversary

    • Invited Guests and Gifts

    • Family Record sheets

    • Diary Sheets

    • Notes and Memo  

  • Photo mounts, Box name cards, Ribbons

Wedding Day Memory Box


Our wedding day box makes a great gift and will be remembered and enjoyed for many years.