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Wedding Dress Travel Storage Box

The wedding dress travel storage box is ideal if you are going abroad to get married. As with all of our boxes it is museum archive quality and contains all of the additional documents and record sheets.

Please check the measurements before purchase to ensure it will fit in the overhead locker of your airline and is large enough to store your wedding dress.


Each Set contains:

  • Acid Free Wedding Dress Box, 21.2x13.6x8.2 inches (For your wedding dress)

  • Acid Free Shoe and Accessories Box, 14.5x10.4x4 inches (Perfect for shoes, congratulations cards, certificates, invitations, special cards and collectables)

  • 30 sheets of Acid Free Archive Tissue Paper (to carefully pack your dress)

  • Documents

    • The wedding day record sheet

    • Diary Sheet

    • Memo Sheet

    • Wedding Certificate

    • Acid Free Certificate Envelope

    • Identity Tag & Ribbons

Wedding DressTravel Box


The Travel Box will help protect your beautiful and treasured wedding dress from potential damage and decay over time.