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Baby Box

The Baby box is dedicated to helping you keep all of your family’s cherished memories preserved for generations.

The birth of a child is a time of great delight and discovery in every family. While you are attending to your new arrivals every need it’s all too easy to lose track of precious mementos of your baby’s early life along the way.

The baby box is designed to capture the journey from pregnancy through the baby’s formative years. The baby box will preserve your favourite moments and mementos of your child’s early years in perfect condition.

Every family member has their own favourite memento or memory which is why the Baby box is designed to involve the whole family at  this very special time. It will help you store gifts, messages and thoughts from loved ones as well as written details of baby’s birth.

For newspaper announcements it is the perfect way to preserve a copy in perfect condition. For hospital tags, congratulations cards, a lock of hair, a hand or foot print to a baby‘s first bootees or first teddy.

This extensive collection will preserve and protect you precious memories and keepsakes long after the time your baby’s have children of their own.


Each pack contains:

  • Outer box
    Store Christening Robes or birth day newspapers, scrapbooks, first photos, dried ‘congratulations’ posies, horoscope charts or even baby’s first teething ring!

  • Flip-top box
    Perfect for hospital ID tags, baby’s birth certificate, congratulations cards and messages, baby’s first shoes or favourite teething ring

  • Standard box

    For diaries, DVDs, baby clothes, much-loved toys, ‘first birthday’ and ‘first Christmas’ mementoes.

  • Tall box

    To make the base of your box, fold up the two shorter sides marked ‘1’ and then fold over and tuck in the two longer sides marked ‘2’.

  • Small boxes

    Keep baby’s first tooth. A soft curl of hair. Small pieces of celebration cake, carefully wrapped. Ideal for small and delicate items that might otherwise be lost or destroyed.

  • Acid-free and fade resistant pen

  • Archive tissue paper

    Use to protect fabrics and other delicate items

  • Scrapbook borders

    Use these frames to highlight special items in your scrapbook. They can be decorated by you (or your baby/toddler!) for special effect.

  • Box name cards

    To be used in the outer and standard boxes under the flaps

  • Family Tree Sheet

    An ideal bequest for any child – and a useful record for the whole family.

  • Baby Progress Chart/Health Record

    Baby’s weight, vaccinations, first sniffles, first words…keep every detail, from the very first smile! A personal record for you and your family… designed for you alone and not to replace other health records you must keep for your midwife etc.

  • Record folder

    Pretty, colourful and all wrapped up in yellow ribbon!

    Family history sheets (10)

    Pregnancy record sheet (1)

    Birth record sheet (One of each – boy/girl)

    Baby’s birth commemoration certificate. (One of each - boy/girl)

    Early days record sheet (1)

    Notes and memos (2 sheets)

    Diary/storybooking sheets (4 sheets):

    Designed to make it easy to create a written and visual record of baby’s early life. This is how it all began…include your first photos, day by day impressions, your thoughts, hopes and wishes.

    Post birth, ‘first year’ (1 sheet)

    Parents’ messages (1 sheet)

    Brother/sister message (blue/pink – 1 sheet)

    Grandparent messages (1 sheet)

    Baby hand/footprint sheet (1 sheet)

    Family/friend messages (1 sheet)

    Gifts and thanks sheets (2 sheets)

    ‘On that day’ record sheets (2 sheets)

    Letter to the future (1 sheet) order code: + sealable envelope

    ‘Our family’ (1 sheet)

In addition to a varied selection of boxes, record sheets and charts (see below), your Baby Box also contains a Certificate of Authenticity, a Certificate envelope, quantities of acid-free tissue paper (essential for wrapping delicate items), blue and pink tags, photo frame mount(s) an acid-free and fade resistant pen, a Family History research sheet, plain sheets of permanent (?) 200 year acid-free paper for downloads and additional records, plus yellow ribbon for securing collections of letters, cards etc.

A detailed and delightful collection of sheets which will encourage mum, dad and every other member of the family to treasure and preserve their memories of this very special time. An ideal way to keep all essential records together in one place – and a wonderful legacy for your baby and his or her own children in generations to come.

Baby Box


The Baby box is dedicated to helping you keep all of your childs cherished keepsakes preserved for generations.